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Home care in North-West Kent from Sambhana Care

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In-home care for the elderly

Care in the comfort of your own home.

Respite care for adults with learning disabilities

Independence and self-confidence

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“Family members were on furlough from work but were struggling to look after their mother, who suffers from early-stage dementia, after the death of their father who died suddenly and was their mother’s principal carer. The family needed a holiday and also were also due to go back to work after shielding form COVID 19….”


“…The service and quality of the care received was outstanding. The staff are very friendly and experienced…”

Carole Thorne


Welcome to Sambhana Care

Our compassionate staff are enthusiastic and committed to our common goal: To provide a top-quality in-home care service. Click on the photographs below to learn more about us!

Tony Rana

Tracy Osborne

Mandy Kent

In-home care for the elderly

In-home care for adults with learning disabilities


A service for people with Alzheimer’s

We have partnered with Kent Occupational Health who have created “Let’s Talk…”

Let’s Talk… creates quality time and provides opportunities to connect through one to one themed conversations that are accessible and inclusive to all and that are packed with engaging and stimulating activities!

Each Let’s Talk… video and pack follows a specific theme, and will include conversation starters, pictures, music, and other activities to stimulate your thinking. There may also be interesting facts, poetry and a chance to reminisce. The Let’s Talk… themes offer a variety of subjects relating to the seasons, activities and traditions which we enjoy and are familiar with.

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