Excellent home care created

just for you.

Personalised home care services for older people and
adults with learning difficulties

The extra care you need to

live the life you enjoy.

If you or your loved one needs extra care around the home, we can provide a wide range of assistance. From personal care to cooking meals, DIY and handyman jobs to shopping trips and days out.

Sambhana Care is a very different home care service as we specialise in care for older people and respite care for adults with learning difficulties. Members of our team have
ongoing personal experience of caring for their children who are adults with learning difficulties and have had first hand experience of the provision by social services. It was their passion to offer a better solution that was the driving
force in starting the business.

We want to offer a truly tailored package of care that
works for you or your loved one. There is no ‘one size fits
all’ with us. We know entrusting a loved one to outside help
is a tough decision and we want to make sure that you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we have everything
covered. But don’t take our word for it. Why not read what our clients are saying about us?

Covid Safety

Working with our clients during these challenging times we know they want to stay at
home where they feel safe and secure for as long as is humanly possible before
considering residential care and it is our mission to make that happen wherever possible.

Our easily recognisable, trained and uniformed staff are referenced, enhanced
DBS-checked, carry full Sambhana Care ID, and are tested weekly for Covid-19. In
addition, we have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and practice social
distancing to ensure your safety and ensure peace of mind. We will continue to follow all
the government guidance for those working in the health and social care sector to
protect your safety in your home.

Why Sambhana Care?

Tony Rana set up Sambhana Care as he felt there was a
real gap in the market for a truly tailored home care
provision for older people and for respite care for adults
with learning difficulties. This simply wasn’t offered by any
other single company. As a trustee for a local charity and
having a son who is an adult with learning difficulties, he
had a personal insight into the home care industry and
wanted to deliver something over and above the standards
he had been receiving.
As a British born Sikh his heritage is something he is really passionate about. One of the core beliefs of the Sikh
community is looking after family and the community.
Upholding values of honesty, compassion, generosity,
humility, integrity, service, and spirituality is a daily
responsibility. The name Sambhana means ‘to care’ in the
Punjabi language and he felt it was important to embed that
in the company name as a core belief and mission.